PhenQ testimonials Australia

PhenQ Testimonials from Australian Customers

“I’m currently losing 8-12 pounds a month with PhenQ. Before I began using it I wasn’t losing any weight at all. I haven’t started jogging or anything and my diet is pretty much the same so I know it’s PhenQ.” Briony H, Melbourne

“I was losing weight, but it was a long, slow, hungry process. My brother had been using PhenQ and was looking a lot leaner. He suggested I do the same. It helped a lot. I began losing weight more quickly and hunger was less of a problem. Total weight loss so far is 36 pounds. when I lose another 8 pounds more I’m done and, judging by past performance, it should take me less than 2 weeks to do.” Cath Davies, Sydney

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“I didn’t want to be the only fat girl at my sister’s wedding (all of her friends are pretty and slim). These wonderful pills helped me to lose 48lbs in 8 weeks and, in all of the pictures, I looked just like the other girls.” TD, Canberra

“The diet pills I tried in the past caused so many side effects they weren’t worth the effort. I’ve had no side effects with PhenQ and it’s already helped me to lose 25kg.” F.H, Brisbane, Queensland

“I had a goal to get back into my old size 12 clothes. I tried 3 different brands of diet pill and a couple of weight loss powders. It was a total waste of time. PhenQ was different, it helped me to lose weight at a nice steady rate. I’ve already donated all my size 18 dresses. The size 16 have gone too and it shouldn’t be too long before I’m popping the size 14 into the bag as well.” Wendy Garwood, Adelaide, South Australia

PhenQ testimonials Australia

“If you want to lose weight fast without side effects. PhenQ will help you. I know because it worked for me. I only needed to lose 14 pounds, but I found it impossible to do until I got my PhenQ. It helped me do it before I even finished the second bottle and the weight has stayed off too.” Paula B, Perth, Western Australia

“A woman in the street scolded my for smoking while pregnant. That hurt a lot because I was sterilized 3 years ago, but it was the wake up call I needed. I cut back on the snacks and began jogging again. Nothing changed so I bought a bottle of PhenQ. Bingo! I started to lose weight and have been losing an average of 3 to 5 pounds each week.” Joan D, Hobart

“My last pregnancy left me with a lot of unwanted belly fat. I tried to get rid of it by eating less and exercising a little bit more, but it didn’t work. Then a friend suggested PhenQ so I gave it a try. Everything changed. All the belly fat had gone by the time I finished the second bottle and I felt more like the old me. Yipee!” R.O, Darwin, Northern Territory

“Even taking the dog for a walk had become hard work because I was so overweight I kept getting out of breath. My doctor was no help. He made a few suggestions about diet and exercise, but I couldn’t stand feeling so hungry. My better half was was worried about me, so she bought some PhenQ. Hunger became less of a problem, I began losing weight right from the start, and I have lost 78 pounds so far.” Mrs Bryant, Geelong, Victoria

“I’ve lost 30 pounds in 5 months and phenq made it easy to do. It stopped me from feeling hungry so that was big plus, but I think the real reason it worked so well is because it helped me to burn fat faster.” Grazzy, Wollongong

PhenQ positive reviews

“These pills are really good. I been losing 6 pounds a week and lost 142 pounds so far. My tummy is just about flat now and I not been feeling hunger at all.” Peggy Anderson, Gold Coast

“Totally awesome diet pills that really work fast. I’m not exaggerating. These pills are the business. They’ve got me losing 8 pounds or more every week.” G.T, Newcastle, New South Wales

“I’ve only been using PhenQ for two weeks, but so far so good. It has stopped me feeling hungry, gives me oodles of extra energy, and I have already lost 12lbs.” Stuart R, Cairns, North Queensland

“My wife was using these and I could see the difference they made. I knew they were for men as well, so I bought a bottle myself. I only wanted to lose around 18 pounds and one bottle was enough. I recommend PhenQ.” Darren, B, Perth, Western Australia

PhenQ australia testimonials


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