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We are agents for the popular diet pill PhenQ. PhenQ is produced in the United Kingdom but ships free of charge all over the world.

This website was created to help Australian customers purchase PhenQ by providing up to date pricing and details of any special offer pricing or discounts.

In addition to pricing information we are here answer and order questions you may have either pre or post order – we act as a conduit between you and the brand.

If you have any questions then please complete to the contact form below.


2 responses to “About Us”

  1. Hi I’m wanting to purchase some products, just wondering if the products a stored in Australia ?
    Or if not how long it will take shipment to arrive in Australia mount Isa Qld

    1. PhenQ is not available in store (this applies worldwide and not just Australia). If you do happen to see PhenQ in store then it it is highly unlikely to be official product and the guarantee would not apply.
      If you wish to purchase then please use the official website only – for latest offers please view this page https://www.phenoffersaustralia.com/coupon-code/

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