fat blocking what is it

What Are Fat Blockers – PhenQ is a Fat Blocker

fat blocking what is it

There is so little difference between fat blockers and fat binders many people believe the two terms are interchangeable. This is not the case. In reality, the majority of fat blocking products are fat binders, but some weight loss supplements that can quite rightly be classed as fat blockers are not fat binders because the blocking action is achieved in a different way.

Good fat blocking products can be effective for weight loss because they help shield the body from a large percentage of the fat provided by food. Most fat binders achieve this due to their natural ability to attract the fat provided by food and “bind” with it to form a combined mass the digestive organs are unable to process. Each gram of fat digested would normally provide the body with an extra nine calories, and some fat binders can bind around 28% of dietary fat, so it is easy to understand why fat binders have a reputation for delivering such good results.

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Some fat blockers do not bind fat though. The most obvious example is the prescription-only weight loss drug, Orlistat. It belongs to a class of drugs called lipase inhibitors. Lipase is the pancreatic enzyme that is responsible for breaking down dietary fats and reducing them to fatty acids and other lesser compounds that are small enough to pass through the walls of the intestines. Orlistat’s ability to prevent this important digestive enzyme from doing its job as efficiently as normal blocks the absorption of around 25% of dietary fats.

Some Bonus Benefits

Due to the way they work, fat blockers can also be effective for lowering cholesterol levels. Bearing in mind the dangers cholesterol can present this is a highly desirable ability and fat blocking products that have a binding ability are also capable of suppressing the appetite. This is because the gelatinous mass that forms when fat binders and fat combines creates a feeling of fullness that takes away much of the desire for food.

Ingredients That Can Block Fat

Science of fat blockingAs already mentioned, the drug Orlistat is a fat blocker, but the majority of weight loss supplements use natural ingredients and the two most popular ones are chitosan and prickly pear (nopal). 

Chitosan is an ingredient that is usually sourced from the shells of shrimps, lobsters, crabs, and other sea crustaceans. It can also be derived from the fungus opuntia ficus-indica. The latter is often believed to be the most powerful options and will also be the only option suitable for dieters who are allergic to seafood.

Prickly Pear is a cactus extract that is rich in amino acids and antioxidants. Prickly pear is also believed to have antiviral abilities and is sometimes used as a treatment for inflammation.

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Some Important Considerations

As with all dietary supplements, it is important to treat fat blockers with respect. Too many people buy such products in the belief that they will be able to continue eating all the high fat food they love and watch their waistlines diminish instead of expand. Using fat blockers in this manner is very unwise. They are are intended to be used alongside a healthy diet. People who eat lots of fat and then take a fat blocker provide extra fat for the product to block. All that blocked fat does not vanish. It passes through the intestines and leaves the body with the stool. When a large quantity of fat is blocked, the need for the toilet may be so sudden there will be insufficient time to make the journey. The obvious results of this may be amusing for any onlookers present, but will be highly unpleasant for the fat blocker user. People who use fat blockers in sensible manner are only likely to notice their stools are a little more greasy than normal.

Vitamins A, D, E, and K are fat soluble, so the blocking of dietary fats may lead to deficiencies that could have an adverse effect on the health. Although this is an important consideration dieters will need to bear in mind if they decide to use a fat blocker, it is not a major problem. Any inadequacies can be rectified by the use of a multivitamin pill.

Final Thoughts

When used in the correct way, in conjunction with diet and exercise, fat blockers can provide safe, stimulant-free weight loss. However, people who have diets that are particularly low in fat will not receive much benefit from the use of such a product because most of their calories will come from an alternative source.

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