Phentermine In Australia, is it available without prescription

PhenQ order AustraliaPhentermine is a powerful medication used to provide weight loss. It has a good reputation for delivering the kind of results most dieters crave, but it is usually only made available to obese people who have failed to lose weight with diet and exercise alone.

Even then doctors often only issue Phentermine prescriptions to patients whose weighty problem may aggravate other health issues. It is also worth noting Phentermine is intended to be used alongside a diet and exercise.

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What Does Phentermine Do?

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that lessens the desire for food, helping the user to eat smaller portions and avoid snacking.

This ensures the user consumes considerably less calories each day, thereby encouraging the body to begin burning its fat stores to attain extra energy.

The medication works by triggering a state of fight or flight. This is a condition where the body goes into survival mode.

Many changes take place within the body. Adrenalin production is increased, for instance, and the reflexes become sharper so that the body can fight or run, depending on which option is likely to provide the best chance of continued existence. In a life or death situation, the distraction caused by hunger pangs could prove to be fatal, so the body secretes hormones that remove the desire for food.

How Long has Phentermine Been Available?

Phentermine’s use as an appetite suppressing medication was first sanctioned by the FDA in 1959. By the 1970s it was a popular weight loss provider that was available all over the USA.

PhenQ became available in 2015 and is now the most popular brand in Australia as well as the US and several countries in Europe.

What are the Popular Brand Names of Phentermine?

During the 1970s Phentermine was distributed as Phentermine hydrochloride, but these days the “hydrochloride is usually dropped from the name. However it is also sold under a number of other brand names. These include:

• Adipex P
• Anoxine-AM
• Duromine
• Metermine
• Mirapront
• Obephen
• Obermine
• Obestin-30
• PhenObestin 37.5
• Phentermaxx
• Phentrol
• Phenterex
• Phentromin • Pro-Fast
• Redusa
• Panbesy
• Phentermine Trenker
• Obenix
• Oby-Trim
• Teramine
• Zantryl
• Sinpet
• Supremin
• Suprenza
• Weltmine

and of course PhenQ

What is the Correct Dosage?

The prescribing doctor will decide on the correct dosage and this is usually somewhere in the region of 15 to 37.5 mg. Sometimes doctors recommend their patients take just one dose per day (in the mornings). Alternatively the doctor may recommend taking three doses per day, taken before the three main meals (breakfasts, lunch, and dinner).

Are there any Special Precautions to Take Prior to Using Phentermine?

It is important that prospective Phentermine users inform their doctor about any health issues or concerns he or she may not be aware of, such as suspected pregnancies and/or any new developments or worsening of existing conditions.

What are the Possible Side Effects?

First and foremost it must be remembered that Phentermine is chemically similar to amphetamine, so the chances of addiction can be quite high. But this is just one of the reasons the medication is only available via a doctor. Phentermine does not mix well with some prescription medications and it is unsuitable for people who have certain health issues. However, even without such contributing factors, use of the medication can result in some side effects.

If Phentermine Can Cause so Many Side Effects why do Doctors Prescribe it?

Although the medication is capable of causing side effects some users may experience no negative issues at all. It is also important not to forget the fact that obesity can aggravate or cause other health issues that can be more unpleasant than some of the side effects associated with the medication. Some of which may even prove to be life threatening—heart disease for instance. So in some cases the potential for good can far outweigh the potential for bad.

When Should I stop Taking Phentermine?

You should normally continue taking the medication until the doctor tells you to stop, but if unpleasant or dangerous side effects become apparent you should stop taking the medication at once and discuss the matter with your doctor.

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