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PhenQ review, customer comments, feedback and testimonials

Order PhenQ AustraliaPossibly inspired by the phrase “less is more” supplement manufacturer, Bauer, has brought a new diet pill to market that that promises the power of multiple weight loss supplements in just one pill. The name of the pill? PhenQ

If the marketing spiel on the official product website is worth its salt, Bauer’s new pill can help dieters to get their body into the kind of shape they’ve been dreaming of in a quick and easy fashion by targeting weight loss in five different ways.

Not surprisingly, two of the ways PhenQ can supposedly achieve this is by providing appetite suppression and fat burning. The other three ways are by enhancing the mood, preventing new fat cells from developing, and by providing extra energy.

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Theoretical Benefits

What works in theory does not always work in the real world, but if the blend can suppress the appetite in the promised manner it should help the user to cut down on food. This will lower the calorie intake. Most fat burners work by speeding up the metabolism and encouraging the body to begin using its stores of fat. So the body will be using more calories than normal and burning fat as well.

PhenQ is also supposed to be able to prevent the body from turning excess calories into fat. If the appetite suppressing and fat burning qualities are as efficient as Bauer make them out to be there will be not excess calories to convert to fat in the first place but, as a backup, this is certainly a useful function.

If the claimed energy boost puts in an appearance it should prevent capsule users from becoming lethargic due to the reduction in calories, and any mood enhancing abilities should belay the onset of dieting doldrums.

Order PhenQ Australia

Evaluation of the Blend

The key component in the blend is a proprietary blend called a-LACYS RESET. It is a special mix of cysteine and alpha-lipoic acid and has a lot more to offer than just weight loss. The blend is rich in antioxidants that can boost the health in a number of ways and can be particularly useful for combating the effects of the free radicals contained in some food choices. It also shows a lot of promise as a weight loss provider.

After one clinical trial the researchers discovered supplementation with a-LACYS RESET had resulted in a 3.8% increase in muscle mass that was accompanied by a 3.44% decrease in weight.

The secondary ingredients are:

• Capsimax Powder
• L Carnitine Furmarate
• Chromium Picolinate
• Calcium Carbonate
• Caffeine
• Nopal

Capsimax Powder is also a proprietary blend and it contains a trio of ingredients that are known to be capable of initiating weight loss.

1. Capsicum: Supresses the appetite and allows the body burn calories 12 times faster than normal.

2. Piperine: Assists fat burning and helps the body absorb other ingredients.

3. Nicacin: Helps the body convert food into energy.

Calcium Carbonate is usually thought of as being nothing more than a stomach powder ingredient, but this is far from being the case and some studies show it has the ability to prevent the formation of fresh fat cells.

Nopal can bind dietary fats and prevent them from being digested. This is a useful ability because each gram of fat provides 9 calories; so fatty food can help to pile on the pounds quite fast.

Caffeine can provide appetite suppression, but its main value is as an energy provider. L Carnitine Furmarate is believed to work as a mood enhancer, and chromium picolinate helps to balance blood sugar levels and has a reputation for triggering fat burning.

Usage Guidelines

One capsule is required with breakfast and a second with lunch, but capsules should not be taken after 3pm, to ensure the caffeine content does not interfere with sleep.

Level of Customer Satisfaction

Feedback suggests PhenQ is more than living up to customer’s exptations.

A few sample comments read:

“PhenQ helped me to lose weight from the very first day and I’ve been dropping an average of 4 pounds per week.” Sandra, Queensland
“I was a bit dubious about these pills at first, but needn’t have worried because they provide lightning weight loss without any of the side effects of other pills.” Toni, Sydney
“Eating less just got easy and it’s all thanks to PhenQ. Dionne, Perth
“I never thought I’d see a size 12 again, but that’s what I am now so the people who make these pills must a thing or two about making weight loss supplements.” Maggie, Canberra

Health Considerations

The ingredients used are unlikely to be problematic, PhenQ is not suitable for people who are under 18, for pregnant or nursing mothers, or anyone who has health problems or is taking medication.

Guarantee Period

A generous 60-day money back guarantee in effect.

Where to Buy PhenQ in Australia

All sales are made via the PhenQ website and a single bottle of pills should last for 30 days if used in the recommended way. Bulk buy options are available and customers who chose to take advantage of them can secure extra bottles of pills as a thank you bonus.

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