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Non Prescription Diet Pills – Diet Pills To Buy Over The Counter

diet pills over the counterDieters scouring the internet for a diet pill to help them lose weight will quickly discover they are spoiled for choice. However, any dieter who pops down their local high street chemist, or searches the shelves of a health food store, will find the choice available is more limited.

In some ways this is not a bad thing because reputable stores are unlikely to stock diet pills that have come from shady suppliers or products that are known to be dangerous. The flip side is some of the best diet pills available, such as PhenQ, are not available to buy over-the-counter. In all fairness to Boots and other reputable suppliers, it is important to point out this is not because they have refused to stock the product. It’s because some diet pill manufacturers decide to handle all sales via their company website or online store. However, several good non-prescription diet pills, such as XLS-Medical Max Strength and Alli are available via Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy, and other high street chemists.

A Look at What’s Available Over the Counter

The majority of non prescription diet pills are supplements. Alli stands apart from such options because it is a lesser-strength version of the weight loss drug Orlistat. No prescription is needed, but it is not available to all. Chemists only sell it to customers who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 28 or more.

Like its stronger big brother, Alli is a fat blocker that has the ability to inhibit the action of the pancreatic enzymes the body manufactures to aid the digestion of dietary fat. It is an effective drug that “blocks” around 1/3 of consumed fat. The fat that is blocked passes through the intestines without releasing any calories and exits the body with the faeces.

XLS Medical Fat BinderXLS-Medical Max Strength is not a drug. It’s a supplement that contains a patented blend of plant extracts, called Clavitanol, that can block dietary fat, carbohydrates and sugars. Each gram of fat that is digested provides nine calories. A gram of carbohydrate or sugar provides four calories, so XLS-Medical Max Strength’s ability to block these nutrients has a lot of value.

Not all non-prescription diet pills work by interfering with the digestion of food. Appetite suppressants contains ingredients that can lessen feelings of hunger and give dieters the help they need to avoid the temptation to snack or overindulge at mealtimes. So whereas blockers prevent weight loss by interfering with the digestive process, appetite suppressants help ensure there is less food in the stomach to need digesting.

Fat burners are also available over the counter. These are diet pills that have the ability to speed up the metabolism and cause the body to burn the calories faster than normal. When the supply runs low the body will start burning fat instead. Thermogenic fat burners are a specific kind of fat burner that raise the body temperature by a slight amount and encourage fat calories to be burned and wasted as heat.

Some non-prescription diet pills combine all these abilities and may also offer improved mood and extra energy, but choosing a diet pill is not a decision that should be rushed into.

How to Know Which is the Best Non Prescription Diet Pill for You

Anyone who hopes to lose weight needs to watch what they eat, count the calories, and make a serious effort to eat as healthily as possible. Most people find the resulting hunger pangs are a big problem and a good appetite suppressing diet pill can a godsend to anyone who has this problem. However, eating less may not guarantee weight loss if the food that is consumed provides too many calories. Dieters who are let down by a love of bread, pasta, sweet foods, and rice etc. may find a carb blocker will give them an extra nudge in the right direction. People whose diet provides a little too much fat may be better off with a fat blocker, and most diets will find their speed of weight loss can be increased by a fat burner. However, most people are not aware why their attempts at weight loss do not meet with success, and it is a generally accepted fact that diet pills that provide multiple benefits are more likely to provide dieters with the extra support they need.

Buying Non-Prescription Diet Pills

People who purchase diet pills from a high street chemist, like Boots, have the opportunity to ask the chemist for advice and this is always a good idea. Dieters who purchase online cannot do this and would do well to make sure they are buying a product that is likely to work.

Things to look for include:

  • Manufacturer’s reputation
  • Range of benefits the supplement is designed to provide
  • Quality of the ingredients used
  • Customer feedback
  • Money back guarantee

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