Burn fat with PhenQ

What Are Fat Burners, How Do They Work

Burn fat with PhenQ

Fat burners are very popular with people who want to lose weight. That’s not surprising. The words “fat” and “burner” are a powerful combination that suggest a supplement that can burn the fat from the body and make weight loss easier. The good news is, quality fat burning products can do just that. The bad news is they only deliver good results if they are used in a sensible way.

Fat burners are not a magic pill. People who think taking a fat burner will allow them to continue to live couch potato lifestyles, and eat as much food as they want as often as they want, will be sadly disappointed. Things are not that simple and it does not help matters when supplement manufacturers, looking to make a quick profit, make promises that encourage people to think otherwise. So although it is possible to become a “fat burning machine”, if you are encouraging your body to store more fat in a day than it could possibly burn, you will probably continue to gain weight.

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Calories Count

Before going any further with this article it is important to explain three important truths:

  1. The body is a fat burning machine
  2. The body is also a fat storing machine
  3. The machine we call the body runs on a fuel called calories

fat stomachThe average man only needs 2500 calories per day to maintain normal weight. The average woman only needs 2000. These calories are used to power all bodily functions. The heart needs calories to keep pumping and when you scratch your behind that action requires calories as well. Even the brain uses 1/10th of calorie per minute. However, when the body gets more calories than it needs each day it stores them as fat. Believe it or not that’s no bad thing if the amount of fat stored remains at a reasonable level because fat is the body’s emergency fuel supply and its starts to burn fat calories when its main supply (from food) runs low. Fat burning supplements help encourage this process to happen sooner and can be an effective way to speed up weight loss—when used alongside sensible eating habits.

What Fat Burners Are and How They Work

cayenne pepper in PhenQFat burners are products that contain ingredients that can speed up the metabolism. This makes the body burn calories faster than normal and causes the body to need to burn its fat sooner. Cayenne pepper, and other similar thermogenic fat burning ingredients, also have the ability to slightly raise the body temperature. This is not dangerous, but the process causes the body to burn more fat calories. Putting it simply, the extra heat lost from the body is actually fat calories that have been converted to heat.

Many ingredients have the ability to provide themogenic fat burning benefits. Green tea is a popular fat burner because it has been proven effective and also provides antioxidants that can boost the health. Caffeine is also a proven fat burner, as is synephrine. All of them work, but products that contain them may still fail if the quantities used are too low or they are diluted with a lot of inferior ingredients. However, when people take a quality fat burner and do not lose weight, the failure is often due to the fact the dieter using the product did not stick to a healthy calorie-controlled diet. Even the best fat burner in the world will be fighting a losing battle if overeating is causing more fat to be stored than can possibly be burned.

Fat Burning Combinations

Although fat burners can and do work very well when used with diet and exercise, many fat burning products contain ingredients that can provide additional support. Fat burners that also provide appetite suppression are particularly popular because they can help dieters to avoid the hunger pangs that may otherwise encourage them to eat too much food. Eating right remains important though. Foods that are high in fat and calories can still be diet killers, even when eaten in reduced quantities.

A Few Popular Fat Burning Ingredients

  • Green Tea
  • Caffeine
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Synephrine (Bitter Orange)
  • a-Lacys Reset
  • Garcinia Cambogia

In Summary

Fat burners are supplements that contain ingredients that speed up the metabolism and may produce a slight rise in body temperature that results in calories being converted into heat, and lost from the body, through the thermogenic fat burning process.

Although good fat burners can accelerate weight loss, they will not produce good results if the they are not used in conjunction with a sensible diet and regular exercise. They are designed to improve weight loss, not to be a cheat pill.

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